Volkswagen Polo

25 before the 25

To promote the launch of the new Volkswagen Polo in 2010, we gave to two real guys (no actors) the opportunity to make a Spain tour driving with one goal, they had complete an amazing list of their 25 dreams to do before their 25 birth.

Their list contained as crazy activities as swimming with sharks, go to party with a celebrity, kiss 13 girls in one night… All these experiences would be recorded by themselves and later hung in his personal blog, social network profiles and even its own Youtube Channel.

more info
date: May 2010

agency: Seisgrados

creative team:
Daniel Calabuig, Jordi Luque and Raúl Gª Uclés

media coordination:
Laura Merino

project manager:
Miren Telleria

production: Elisa Rebull

copy: Cira López

audiovisual edition & production:
Frederic Canyon

blog programmer:
Carlos B. Arnán