TEDx SantAntoni

2014 Edition

Collaboration within the organization team of the TEDxSantAntoni 2014 edition, helping to define the creative concept and giving visual form to develop its various graphics and digital materials (poster, merchandising, social media images, web template selection and customization).

Development of the key visual (red kite) as a graphic icon and definition of different creative actions related to help strengthen the creative concept defined for the 2014 edition: “Down to earth, looking at the sky”.

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May 2014

Global design & graphic development

TEDx team:
Pep Colomar, Roberto Espinosa, Laura Muñoz, Raquel Pinillos, Laura Vaho, Jonathan Ysaye, Cristina Escudero and Raúl Gª Uclés

Juan Pablo Celestino