Revival project

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Estrella Damm, we created an innovative and viral promotion based on tradition and modernity that accompanies the brand. The chosen concept was “revival”, the classic goes back into fashion. As incentives 130 exclusive and original gifts that you could only get through an online auction created for the occasion.

To communicate this platform, we made a multimedia campaign by advertising on the product itself, sms messaging, guerrilla campaign (on & offline), pos material, emailings, events… The results could not be better, an increase of 3% in sales during the promotional period and more than 14,000 records in the first 2 months.

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date: March 2006

agency: CP Proximity

creative team:
Hugo Olivera, Jordi Ramón, Nerea Cierco, Eva Santos and Raúl Gª Uclés

- Finalist Echo Award 2006
- Silver El Sol 2006
- Bronze El Sol 2006
- Finalist John Caples 2007
- Finalist Fiap 2007
- 3 finalists Imán 2007