Sign language interpretation program of Eivissa

P.I.L.S.E. was born in March 2014 and is a program to remove communication barriers for people with hearing disabilities and thus promote their full integration and real and effective participation in society. This service also offered the support of a sign language interpreter in order to make easier the efforts of those affected in the various public services.

In Sr.Qu. we handle the design of its main logo and the development of the advertising campaign communicating its launch in which were mainly made radio wedges, TV spot, online banners and posters. For this we have the great talent of Ribas Juanjo, who gave us a good “hand” with his funny illustrations.

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march 2015

Consell Insular d'Eivissa

Logo creation & advertising campaign

conceptualization & graphic development:

Juanjo Ribas

audiovisual production: