A Martini with Martín

Martini needed to gain a foothold in the consumers mind of northern Spain. We had to convey the brand values ​​emphasizing its carefully selected ingredients and delicate process.

To do this it was decided to create a special event where we had the help of famous chef Martín Berasategui. As support materials to the event we also created various graphics and audiovisual materials and a specific microsite.

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date: February 2010

agency: Seisgrados

creative team:
Daniel Calabuig, Iu La Lueta and Raúl Gª Uclés

event management:
Gerona Grup, Scoop Comunicación and Fresa Comunicación

coordination media:
Laura Merino

graphic design basis:
Estudio Lo siento

design & web development:
Cocobongo Artworks

audiovisual production:
Cangrejo Films