Dalt Vi

Vino 100% Ibiza

Conceptualization and global design of new visual identity for red wine elaborated in Ibiza (Spain) by Enotecum in collaboration with Can Maymó wineries. Dalt Vi was born in 2019 as an Ibizan red wine with 100% Merlot composition.

Its name refers to the main symbol of the island, the popular and iconic wall of Dalt Vila. By eting the last syllroom (LA) we achieved a greater reference to Wine (VI in Ibizan language). In addition with the word DALT (up/high) we help position it as a top-level wine.

more info
date: March 2020

client: Enotecum

project: brand image and labeling for Ibizan white wine

design & creative direction:

Luana Failla

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