In Sr.Qu. we have passion for what we do. We are 100% committed to quality and we have as permanent objective the search of new and effective design solutions that will bring the message to the consumer in an unique way.

Our small and flexible structure allows us to work in an inspiring environment and fully adapted to customers needs, so that we can guarantee dedicated service and personal, so passionate for the big ideas as the small details.

First of all we always start from a simple but essential approach: we establish a dialogue with the client to understand their goals and find the best possible solution.

We have a large portfolio of work carried out for all types of clients over 15 years, demonstrating our creative ability in providing design and visual communication solutions.

The working philosophy of Sr.Qu. can be summarized in three key points:

Honesty: We continually strive to make our work 100% original and exclusive.

Commitment: We are fully committed to our clients’ brand, their success is our success.

Dedication: We get involved totally in any project in order to achieve an optimal result.